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USPSA matches are a Practical Shooting discipline that involves drawing from a holster, engaging multiple targets and often a good bit of movement to do so. 

The rule book for USPSA can be found here.

It is suggested that you read through the rules prior to attending a match.  Please let us know if you are new to USPSA or this range, we will have a new-shooter’s brief for you to attend prior to joining your squad.  Also let your squad know so that the ROs and others can give you a hand...  and please do ask questions!

Pistols must remain holstered at all times, unloaded with no magazine, except at the direction of a Range Officer or in a designated Safety Area. No loaded weapons or live ammo/snap caps permitted in Safe Areas. Eye and ear protection are required.

Matches are 5 stages and will usually require 120 to 130 rounds.  Bring 200 to be safe in case of reshoots or a particularly high round count.  Most matches will include 1 classifier stage, if you are planning to join USPSA within a week or two let us know at registration so that we can mark you as “Pending”.

There is a facebook page at: COASTAL AREA PRACTICAL SHOOTERS

7:00am setup. Help is always needed.

8:45am registration

9:15am Safety Briefing

9:30am Match Begins

Ends at 1:00 or 2:00pm Please help break down. 


Juniors and Non-members are welcome to attend. 

Contact the Match Director, Tim Currie

This video is from another range but is a pretty good explanation of the game. 
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