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Membership in CGGC is not easy.

We do that on purpose. We are a self-maintained and often self-policing range. That means we need confidence that our members are going to do the right thing. So, we are picky about who gets in. You need to know current members who can vouch for your firearms safety and your character. Our current member list is not published and not available.

So how do you become a member?

Take a look at the calendar on the website and you will see all the Club matches and workdays listed. Each Saturday there is a match or a workday. The matches and workdays are open to the public. Come to a match and/or a workday and introduce yourself. Get to know the people there. Let them know that you are interested in joining the Club, but don’t know anyone in it. If you can, compete in the match with them. If not, talk to the shooters; they welcome visitors as well as spectators.

The most important thing at any gun club is safety. By visiting and competing in matches, the Match Directors and other members will be able to observe your ability to handle firearms, to practice gun safety and your willingness to follow safety rules. Even helping out at a workday (they only last a couple of hours) will allow members to get to know you. One of them might possibly agree to bring you to the range to shoot with them. This would be at the discretion of the member(s) you meet.

I have my 3 sponsors. What's next?

In order to join the CGGC you must complete a membership application, have a member sponsor you, and have two other members sign your application as co-sponsors. You must also sign a waiver form, and pay all required fees prior to your application being processed. (The fees will be returned to you if you are not accepted into the Club.)

All of our members are required to be a current member of the NRA. If you are not an NRA member, you can find a link on the Home Page of our web site to join.

You must also show evidence that you can legally own a firearm – either a current firearms permit or a form stating that you have passed a background check. If you don’t have a current permit, you can obtain a background check from your local police.

Once these steps are completed, you and your sponsor will attend a Club meeting to introduce you to the members in attendance. Your name and your sponsor’s name will be published in the Club newsletter as a new applicant for membership.  At the following month’s Club meeting, your sponsor will again appear on your behalf and your application will be voted upon by the membership present at the meeting. If your application is approved, you will need to attend an orientation. At that time you will be given your membership ID card and the combination to the gate.

What should I bring to my first meeting?

1. A membership application: Filled out. Signed. With signatures of 3 sponsors. 

2. A member waiver: Filled out. Signed. 

3. Georgia Weapons Carry Permit or a Completed Background Check 

4. Proof of NRA membership: Not just your number. We need a card with your expiration date on it. 

5. A check: DON'T FILL IT OUT until the meeting. The amount changes as it is prorated. We will tell you the amount when you get there. 





(spouse of member with no voting priveleges)

FIRST YEAR MEMBERSHIP is an additional $100


also applies to renewals after
Oct 31 each year


Waived for doing your workday or other approved service

LIFE MEMBER = Ten times the current regular membership and must be life member of the NRA.



Download these PDFs and have them filled out. 



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