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Range Use

The Coastal Georgia Gun Club is a PRIVATE MEMBERS-ONLY RANGE.

The range gate is locked all day except for a few cases. Only members are allowed to have the gate code. There are cameras and other security measures on the property. 

The range is open to members and their guests during normal operating hours of 8:00am to official sundown. Guests must accompany a member the entire time they are on the property. Guests must have signed a waiver. Members may bring a maximum of 3 guests who intend to shoot or who actually do shoot. They must be on the same range as their guests and on adjoining positions. In the case of a busy day, guests will shoot at the same position as their member host. 


Work days are the 2nd Saturday of every month. We use this day as a way to maintain the range and get projects done. Non-members may enter the range as the gate will be open. Non-members will be able to see the range and help members with projects. This is probably the best way to meet members and show you can contribute to a membership-driven organization.


Every Saturday morning there is a Match or Event at our range. These are open to the public and the gate will be open. You can choose to spectate the matches to learn about them, or you can participate in them. Our matches are OPEN to non-members. Sign-up will include a waiver.  SEE MORE ABOUT MATCHES HERE.

NOTE: The range is closed to all other shooting during a match.


Use of the range by membership is simple. Abide by the rules of the Range Manual you were given. Failure to do so could result in loss of membership. 


Waivers are required for all guests. Please download the waiver below and fill it out. Drop it off at the Stat Shack on the Long Side.

Youth Waivers must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. 

Download a PDF of the


Download a PDF of the


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