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Scoped Rifle

Coastal Area Precision Rifle Shooters matches are shot from distances ranging from 100 to 600 yards on paper and reactive targets.  The course of fire may vary on a monthly basis but is limited to 20 rounds per match.  No sight-in shots are allowed the day of the match so, know your dope!  

Any .30 caliber and under non-magnum rifle with optics is allowed for the match.  The match may be shot from the prone (preferred) or the bench if medically needed. Please see Rules and Regulations for more details.


Juniors and Non-members are welcome to attend. 

Setup begins at 8:30. Safety Briefing and Match start at 9:00am.

More information can be seen on the Facebook page for this match at COASTAL AREA PRECISION RIFLE SHOOTERS

Contact the Co-Match Directors, Mark Tipton and Joe Loehle


There are different formats we shoot, but typically targets are at:
100 yards
300 yards
350 yards
400 yards
450 yards
500 yards
600 yards
There are different size targets at each distance, so you can shoot smaller as your confidence grows. 
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